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Boomerang Bags

Pemberton Valley Supermarket loves the planet because we love food! If you take a look around, you start to realize that people use a lot of plastic everyday, yet it usually is only used once before being thrown out.

Like any problem, the best way to solve it is to go to right the source by reducing the amount of plastic we consume in our day to day routines.

One really easy way to cut down on plastic waste is using reusable shopping bags! However, it’s easy to forget to bring a bag when you leave the house, that’s why Boomerang Bags are here to save the day!

Boomerang Bags Pemberton Supermarket

Community Driven; Aimed at Reducing Plastic

Boomerang Bags is a community driven project aimed at reducing plastic consumption on a grassroots level. This Australian initiative originally started in 2013 to tackle plastic pollution by upcycling old textiles into reusable bags and making them available for people to borrow from their local store. Now, Boomerang Bags have grown to over 250 communities creating more than 75,000 reusable bags which has saved an estimated 43 million plastic bags from being used!

Watch This Video to Learn More about the Boomerang Bags ‘Spirit’

Dedicated businesses, community members, and volunteers get together to make reusable ‘Boomerang Bags’ using recycled materials to replace plastic bags.

Delighted to Embrace This Plastic Reduction Program

Pemberton Valley Supermarket has embraced becoming a Boomerang Bag community by setting up a bag box for customers to borrow bags from when you need them and then return them later so others can use them again. Grab a bag and bring it back next time! Let your friends know so we can all start reducing our plastic bag consumption.

Thanks to Pemberton Community Partners!

Thanks to Bogs Fabrics, the Pemberton Re-Use-It Centre, Shayne May, Leah Daling, Lara Wall, John Parnell, volunteers at the Men’s Shed, RONA, and all the other community members involved in helping Pemberton start it’s Boomerang Bag initiative!

Over 400 bags were made and labelled in just two months thanks to the help of textile artist Frances Dickinson, who has run her own business since graduating from art school in 2003, and all the wonderful volunteers who sewed bags and contributed fabric to the project.

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