Pemberton's Community Grocery Store

Hours :   Open 7 Days/Week | 8 AM to 9 PM  
  Contact :   (604) 894-3663

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you deliver?

Yes, we do offer delivery and pick-up services!

Visit our Online Store for more details.

Do you offer catering?

We can accommodate large sized orders, prepare estimates and provide information but we do not provide full-service catering.

For community events, we have a commercial BBQ available for rent.

It’s advertised in the flyer. Why don’t you have it in store?

Although we do our best to stock items that appear in the flyer, it is prepared for us by a third party so there is no guarantee that we will have everything at our location.

Most items that are not readily available can be requested for purchase in full case quantities.

I would like to purchase a featured item in the flyer that you usually stock but there is none left on the shelf and I can’t return before the sale ends. How can you help?

First, please ask an employee to check if we have stock that hasn’t made it to the shelf yet.

Nothing? We offer rain checks on featured items that are out of stock.

Rain checks are price guarantees that allow customers to purchase an item for the advertised price after a sale has expired.

Rain checks are available for non-perishable items featured in our flyer that we offer year-round.

What is your coupon policy?

Vendor and Manufacturer coupons are accepted for in-store purchased items according to the policies. Please note that each coupon must be reviewed to ensure that it complies with the Pemberton Valley Supermarket policies. Learn more at our Coupons Policy page.