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Effective Monday, May 11th our Hours of Operation are as follows:

OPEN MONDAY – SATURDAY (closed Sundays)

8 AM to 10 AM for Elderly and Immune Compromised

10 AM to 8 PM for General Public

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Please note that hours of operation are subject to change.


LAST UPDATE: May 11, 2020: Please note this is subject to change without notice

To ensure a continued high level of service to the community, we have made the decision to limit our services and hours of operation.

Our new hours of operation are as follows and are effective May 11th:

OPEN Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays)

8 AM -10 AM ~ open to elderly and those that are immune compromised*

10 AM-8 PM  ~ open to the general public


As most of you are already aware, we have been closely monitoring the situation to make proactive decisions believed to be in the best interest of our community, including the team here at Pemberton Valley Supermarket.

To further aid in “flattening the curve” we are also limiting the number of customers allowed in the store at the same time to 30. This will allow for better social distancing practices and will help keep our staff healthy. Please do not shop if you are sick.

We continue to be reassured from our suppliers that any shortages are temporary. We are optimistic that most of Pemberton have or will engage in social distancing and will appreciate these measures over and above any inconveniences it may cause. We encourage anyone who is able to shop before 5 pm to do so.

We have noticed that there is an increasing amount of individuals in the community who are reaching out to support anyone who needs supplies by offering to shop for them. This community-minded act of kindness is appreciated by all involved including our team. We thank you and encourage others who are capable and willing to pitch in where they can… even if it’s just grabbing a few items for a family member to drop off on your way home.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and support.

*Please note: “elderly and immune-compromised” is at the shopper’s discretion. We are not asking for ID, nor are we asking for medical conditions or any other reason you might have to be here. This is a program based on trust alone, and we trust that the citizens of Pemberton will respect this offering.

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